Sunday, November 16, 2008

Ok tumbleweeds

These are what I call Oklahoma tumbleweeds, because I have no idea what they really are. Individually, they look like gossamer Christmas trees with a single stem and the shape and structure of a flat tree. In a mass like they are here, they move in the wind like they're underwater. They just blew into my yard one day, in the southwest corner, and stayed there until the wind changed, then they were all in the northwest corner. They all moved as a mass, following the wind until the wind finally blew east and now my yard is finally free again, except for what has stuck to my garden. I live right next to a large open field, my house being the last house at the corner of the fence, and myself and my neighbors on each side are the only ones in my neighborhood who had these delicate visitors in this quantity.

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Sherry said...

Those look like a real nuisance! I was glad to read on your other blog that they disappeared one day as mysteriously as they appeared! Nice photos...I spy a sheep, but you need to break out the black spray seems to have lost it's natural color!