Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wind chime

I just liked the angles on this shot. This wind chime was handmade in Colorado and has a beautiful tone. Unfortunately it now resides on the ground next to the back door because the wind never stops in Oklahoma! I figured if the wind chime annoyed me then it must really bother my neighbors and I did the thoughtful (and sanity preserving) thing and took it down.


Sherry said...

You are nicer than me...of course when my wind chimes are musical, it's because the wind is gusting at 30mph or more...and all you can hear is the wind anyway!

I do like the angles on this shot...and I have a chime that looks nearly identical to yours made from copper I believe. :)

Vicki said...

Oh, I'll put them up again some time after I forget what it sounds like in the middle of the night to hear them chime slowly and inexoribly. Since there are only three sides, it isn't a crazy fast sound, just a persistent one. I'm pretty sure mine started out copper, too but now it's got the nice weathering on it. It's amazing how a far into your brain a subtle, persistent sound can drill in the middle of the night.

Sherry said...

Subtle persistent sounds are the bane of my existence. hahaha

But really, the wind chime I have is on one side of the house and our bedroom is on the other. The nearest neighbor that might hear it is up the hill and separated by ground, fence, and many shrubs. They probably cannot hear the chime at it has never worried me. If noises bothered them, I am sure they would complain about the chickens before they mentioned the chime. LOL