Monday, October 20, 2008

Lake Hefner

Here was my first surprise. Right in the middle of OKC is Lake Hefner. The buildings in the background are the downtown area. I'm taking the picture from the farside of the lake. There is actually a very nice jogging track all the way around the lake and a one way road, and sailboats, but no motorboats. It's a beautiful lake, right off the freeway.


Hilda said...

Seeing a lake in the middle of a city would surprise me too! But the way you describe it — with the jogging tracks and all — makes me wish Metro Manila had a lake too. But we'd probably just mess it up badly.

Vicki said...

Oh, hi Hilda, I have a good friend from Manila. I think OKC, cause Lake Hefner has some pretty pricey restaurants and the marina there, does seem to do a good job of keeping it in pretty good shape, and even more important - clean. It really it a beautiful lake.